Urban planning

Urban Planning involves architects, builders, and those who design our homes, schools, churches, workplaces, homes, and those who build them. How do we build best with a commitment to quality, economy. beauty, and a concern for our environment? 

Urban Density


November 3, 2011

At the Lounge of Clementine Cafe

Presenters Eugene Stoltzfus and Aubrey Spears

Panelists Randy Seitz and Matthew Robertson

The trajectory of Christian Scripture is from the "garden" of Eden to a city with a garden. The foremost purpose of a city is to enable its citizens to flourish. For the first time in history the world's population is predominantly urban. Many people associate cities with congestion, crime, pollution, and fear. How dense does a city need to be for humans to flourish?

Eugene Stoltzfus is the former Chairman and President of Rosetta Stone and current President of Eugene Stoltzfus Architects.

Aubrey Spears is the Rector of the Church of the Incarnation and a Fellow in Practical Theology for the St. George's Centre for Biblical and Public Theology.

Randy Seitz is the Co-Founder and President of Blue Ridge Architects and an Adjunct Professor in the School of Art and Art History at James Madison University.

Matthew Robertson is the President and CEO of The Stratford Companies.

You can listen to this event by clicking here.